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RUN Character Turn Arounds

Here are some turn arounds for the RUN characters...I may make more changes to them as I figure schtuff out...stay tuned.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Run Characters

Arnie Digrigellio --
Nickname: "Arnie No D"
Job: Owns a Sporting Goods Store
Saying: "I was open."

Arnie is the group’s quiet man. It’s hard to get Arnie "No D" angry, he’s just happy to have a night out with the boys. Doesn’t get enough shot attempts and always lets the group know that he was open. Arnie owns a sporting goods store, so he’s always decked out in the latest 200 dollar sneakers and 300 dollar vintage shirt (but the same 50 cent sweat socks he’s had since 1992). Arnie gives the guys a 20% discount in his store…but no buying for relatives! Arnie treats defense like most people treat rat extermination… someone else will take care of it right?

Captain Colonel Sturge, Retired USMC --
Nickname: "Sarge"
Job: Letter Writer
Saying: "Our defense is soft and the enemy knows it..."

Colonel Sturge preaches discipline every week to the guys, though most of the time it falls on deaf ears, but he keeps on trying. He’s the groups unofficial coach, drawing up plays, defensive assignments and seating arrangements in the cars. Sarge is the group's defensive specialist…meaning he actually tries to cover his man, and doesn’t hesitate to foul when needed. Sarge spends his days writing letters to the editor of the local daily newspapers complaining about everything from trash collection, to Guantanemo Bay. The guys call him Sarge although he retired as a Captain. He doesn’t seem to mind.

Jose Correa --
Nickname: "No Way"
Job: Musician
Saying: "No way!"
Jose is a talented musician who always takes time out from his busy schedule for a little run with the guys. A bit gullible, Jose believes most things he reads. An avid conspiracy buff, he’s currently investigating a link between the JFK assignation, Bigfoot sighting, UFO abductions and 911. Takes many ill-advised shots much to the chagrin of the other guys. Says he likes his offense to flow naturally, not be structured and all uptight like the man wants it to be. Jose is laid back…so he has trouble getting back on defense. Jose plays the bongos, keyboards, ocarina and marimba.

Edmund Floyd --
Nickname: "Sigmund"
Job: Therapist
Saying: "Well what do you think it means?"

Edmund or Sigmund as the gang likes to call him, is the groups therapist before and after the game. He tries to build self-esteem amongst the guys so they’ll play up to their potential, but that level isn’t actually that high. Is writing an article for a trade magazine where he talks about a link between being improperly potty-trained and poor free throw shooting. Is very non-confrontational and very rarely takes the charge, though he is eager to find out why you’d feel it is necessary to. Makes good money.

Oscar Short --
Nickname: "Old School"
Job: School Principal
Saying: "In my day..."

Oscar is the Big Man of the group, meaning he is 40 lbs overweight and takes up a lot of room in the paint. He also takes up a lot of room in the cafeteria line. He fancies himself as a scoring machine in the post, though his friends think of him as a black hole…pun intended. Loves to play zone. Also loves to harken back to the days of Kareem and Big Red and The Butcher, when men were men and the game was played down on the blocks. Oscar sweats profusely.